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2015 Alumni "Mini Cooper"

 was the last update

we have 4 liters due in April

To adopted a kitten inquire here 336-977-4706

or go to our "Available Kitten" page

look for your kitten (if availble)

TEXT us, with your first name & last ins.

and the kitten you want and questions



 email us


2011 Alumni
2011 Alumni "Kitty Boy"

Welcome to Kurakats
- Established 2011 -

Open Monday - Friday
10:00 AM till 10:00 PM


            Visitors to Kurakats          


Jelly Bean offspring  2012 Alumni - Solid White (female) - #52 "Calypso"

 Calypso - 2012 Alumni


Videos of Kurakats

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 Roy 2012 Alumni
"Roy" - 2012 Alumni

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Our retirees are between 1 and 5 years old
Price is $600.00 These kats love people !
If you want one of these beautiful Devon Rex kats
do not wait, reserve now to be ready when available

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Dear Lisa and Robert

We greatly enjoyed our visit to your beautiful cattery.
Kurakats is one the cleanest, nicest facilities I have
ever seen. As a veterinarian, I am extremely picky when
it comes to adopting animals, especially cats. We were
impressed by the friendliness of all the cats, including
the breeding stock. The large, airy rooms, and the myriad
of toys and enrichment items such as climbing tree
and hiding boxes as well as veterinary care, provide an
ideal setting for the rearing of healthy, happy kittens.
Your kitten, Eva, is a love sponge and it is wonderful
to have her home at last.

We will definitely be back for our next Devon Rex Kat.




Marisa St. Claire, DVM


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Cattery Pride !



Cattery Supervision &
Inspections by
Jamie Hampton DVM.

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